CEUs Guidelines

You could earn up to approximately 2.9 CEUs at each of our TERPexpo locations.

However if a presenter back-out at last minute, we are unable to guarantee full 2.9 CEUs.

Official RID CMP Approved CEUs Sponsor

Attendees, please be aware of our strict guidelines on time of arrival into our workshop sessions.


We honor 15 minutes grace period of any workshop sessions started and we will not issue any CEUs to any attendees who arrived more than 15 mins late tho their workshop of choice. CEUs are issued by the time frame of learning process. 

Thank you. ​

Any TERPexpo CEUs should be posted on RID website within approximately 60-90 days of a TERPexpo location completion.


If you do not see your credits posted on the RID website after 90 days of an event, please contact the CEUs sponsor, ASL Services, Inc. via email: ceus@terpexpo.com or phone: (407) 518-7900

Please DO NOT email TERPexpo asking any questions pertaining processing CEUs!  If you do, we will be forwarding it to our CEUs sponsor, you may save some time if you go directly to them.

(If there are any issues other than CEUs, please contact us directly at reg@terpexpo.com.)


Registration Information & Cancellation Policy

Important Information

TERPexpo registration fee does NOT include travel charges, hotel lodging or any meals at all.


You are responsible for making your own reservations for hotel, & travel. 

You could earn up to approximately 2.9 CEUs at each of our TERPexpo locations.

However if a presenter back-out at last minute, we are unable to guarantee full 2.9 CEUs​.

Code of Conduct


Please be respectful of other attendees:

We will be adhering to RID's 15 minutes policy. Anyone who arrives to a workshop over 15 minutes late or leaves for an extended period WILL be denied CEU's. You may, however continue to enjoy the workshop.​

Silence any electronic devices.

Use ASL in workshops and common areas.

Keep side conversations during workshops to a minimum.

Refrain from any distracting activities.

We are a scent free environment.


We reserve the right to ask anyone violating the code of conduct to leave.

Thank you.

Accessible Requests

As of November 2015, all of our workshops are communicated by ASL. 

Registration Rates


Advanced Conference

Registration Rate:

$269.0for weekend*

Subject to Change. 

(Depending on final schedule,  

Mail in registration is no longer accepted)


Daily/Weekend Conference

Registration Rate:

$185.0per day

- or -

$500.0for weekend*

Payable in cash only. 

(No checks or credit cards accepted on site)

*This will enable you to earn 2.9 CEUs if you attend everything at the TERPexpo workshops.

If you are looking for information on how to exhibit at TERPexpo, please visit exhibitor section on this page. Thank you. 


On-line registration deadline is 7 business days prior of the location begin date.


On site registration is available starting Thursday at 11:30 a.m.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be in writing, (E-mail, Pony Mail, Fax accepted) and postmarked on or before the dates listed below.

Any cancellation requests with possible refunds will be processed after the event date to ensure no confusion on site. 





61+ Days Prior to Convention .....................................75% Refund

36-60 Days Prior to Convention.................................50% Refund

Less than 35 Days Prior to Convention....................No Refund

Combo Ticket Transfer

Email request on or before 7 business days prior to the event. Will be charged a $25 processing fee.

(Confirmation Receipt of email will be sent, if you don't receive one, try again.)


TERPexpo Exclusive

Since we have multiple locations throughout the year, we do ALLOW transfer of registration from one location to another instead of a refund (if applicable).


Registrants must be able to transfer locations within the same TERPexpo year at no extra charges. (All requests for location transfer must be made no later than 10th business day after each location's completion date.)


Once a selection of transfer requested to a different location, you do not receive any refunds for any future locations since you had paid for a certain location and accepted a TERPexpo exclusive to allow you to transfer your registration to other locations therefore you had forfeited your ability to receive any type of refund. 


Online Registration

Our latest TERPexpo for each locations 

No upcoming events at the moment

Hotel Reservations

Our best deal to stay over... 

Reopen when the season is open again.


Want to exhibit at TERPexpo?

Please contact us via exhibit@terpexpo.com if you are interested in becoming an exhibitor.

Also, please click on the button of your choice to process the Exhibit Table Form. You can pay on line or mail it in.


Would you and/or your business like to partner with TERPexpo by sponsoring certain aspects of a conference? 


There are many levels of sponsorship that can fit your specifications.


Interested in presenting at TERPexpo? 

All Slots are full for this season, we accept CFPs before August 1 of each season


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