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Stephanie Fayne


Stephanie Feyne is a community interpreter with over 35 years experience. She presents at local, state and RID conferences, covering topics such as Register, Powerful Voicing, Prosody in ASL, Use of Space, Contextual Understanding of Meaning, and Considerations in Accepting Interpreting Work. She also offers workshops geared towards the specific needs of educational interpreters. Her research how our ASL-to-English interpretation choices affect the way hearing people perceive Deaf individuals has been published by Gallaudet in its 2015 publication, “Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research”, and by IATIS in its 2017 publication, “Interpreting and the Politics of Recognition”.

Patrick Fischer


Patrick Fischer is from several generations of fine artists and actors from Europe and has extensive experience in all things related to theatre and art. Patrick has been involved in a variety of artistic positions (artist, performer, director, producer, teacher, Director of Artistic Sign Language, and consultant) as well as participation in a variety of performances (storytelling, poetry, master of ceremony, skits, and comedy) internationally. Patrick launched his business in 2005 as a way to provide services to those who want to learn more about theatre through deaf eyes. When not "working" in theatre he taught American Sign Language (ASL) and deaf studies/deaf history, and currently is a certified ASLTA Master instructor. He has taught under the Sign Language Studies Program and Sign Language Interpretation Program in Portland, Oregon. Also, Patrick is a Deaf Language Model in Anchorage, Alaska. Patrick has his Graphic Design degree, and he is also an awarded professional artist and co-owner of the firm, Expert Business Support, Inc.

Kristi Riggs-DiPinto


Kristi is a native of the hidden wine country of Lodi, CA and currently resides in Sacramento, CA. With 27 years of professional interpreting experience and 17 of those years dedicated to the field of VRS, Kristi is excited to share treasures of the journey. Kristi’s passion is to motivate others to be their best selves in all aspects of the work. She feels fortunate to spend time with phenomenal and amazing team members everyday at Convo. “We create a safe environment for our interpreters, and this leads to warm and authentic connections with our users.”

Tara Roth

CI; NIC Master

Tara has been a working interpreter since 1994 and a staff interpreter with ASL Services, LLC since 2002. She works in a variety of settings including but not limited to educational, medical, conference, artistic, legal and mental health. Tara also oversees her agency’s internship program and is part of the company’s professional development team. She enjoys working with people as well as learning and sharing her love of the profession.

Crom Saunders

Crom Saunders was born Deaf. After getting a M.A. in Creative Writing, Crom began teaching ASL and Deaf Culture at several universities before getting tenure at Columbia College Chicago, where he is currently Director of Deaf Studies. Crom also works as a theatre interpreter and ASL master for several notable theater companies, including Steppenwolf Theatre and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, with nearly two decades of experience under his belt. In addition to his teaching and theatre work, Crom also presents workshops and performs internationally.

Jacob Warren


Jacob Anthony Warren currently resides in West Sacramento. He was born in Oregon, raised in Washington; left is heart in Hawaii after four years of residency, and presently calls California “the home of the now.” He has been professionally interpreting since 1996 and received his RID CT and CI national certifications in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Signing since the age of 4 years old, learning from friends and “chosen family,” he entered the VRS industry in 2004 and has predominantly worked in VRS, VRI, and Medical interpreting for the past 15 plus years. 
 Along with his journey in interpreting, Jacob has a passion for bodywork and holistic healing. Jacob received his Massage Diploma in 2009 from Remington College in Honolulu, Hi and subsequently received his License and Certifications to practice Bodywork in Hawaii and California. 
With these focuses, Jacob approaches his careers with holistic intent along with work-life integration through various practices based on self-care and self-compassion.

Sarah Wheeler

M.Ed., NIC-Advanced

Sarah Wheeler is currently working as a freelance ASL/English interpreter. She is a Coda and has been working as a professional interpreter since 2007 and has presented nationally and internationally on various topics related to ASL/English Interpreting. She has served in the Air Force for six years, holds a B.A. in Business Management from Mount Olive College, a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke Continuing Studies, and an M.Ed. in Interpreter Pedagogy from Northeastern University. She is currently attending Grand Canyon University working on her Ph.D. in General Psychology with an emphasis in Instruction and Cognition, with a dissertation focus in emotional intelligence in the interpreting field.


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